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Everyone seems normal until you get to know them

Originally posted by inolvidarte at Everyone seems normal until you get to know them
After a long time I'm here again with my new batch of icons (about them later). Lithuania's weather  is good, it's warm! This week I had a vocation, but it ended very quickly (duuuh)...  I having fun with my some friends. :) Today I have baked cake with my mum and it was really delicious! And hell yeah, finally watched The Vampire Diaries S02E19. It was really fucking awesome!!!
And for sure for a new lj layout thank you nightingails and for new lj themes heimweh26 (:
Okey, now about my icons. I don't really like them and I think my icons are getting worse... So this time I made.. 10 icons w/ Cher Lloyd (she is awesome!), 10 icons w/ Ed Westwick (he is nice.. really nice... :D), 9 icons w/ Victoria Justice (she is really beautiful and really similar to Nina Dobrev), 10 icons w/ Lady GaGa (she is good, no matter what other say), 10 icons w/ Nina Dobrev (Nina is fucking awesome!!!!! I really like her), 8 icons w/ Olivia Palermo (she is beautiful:)), 11 icons w/ Selena Gomez (ummh.. I don't really like her, but she is beautiful and her some songs is good), 10 icons w/ Vanessa Hudgens (I don't really like her, but her style is good) and 6 icons w/ Zayn Malik (I don't know him :DD).
So, I hope you like it! And I really  would like to receive advice and criticism.
credit me
inolvidarte or cappuccino 

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