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icons_and_stuff's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

1. This is NOT a personal journal. Please keep the topic on anything relevent to the community.
2. You can claim as many icons as you want. Just three a day though please.
3. Please type legibly. Do not type words such as "u", "nvm", "thx", etc. unless it is part of the icon.
4. Keep pictures behind an lj-cut.
5. Always give credit. If credit is not given, you will be reported to LiveJournal and banned.
6. DO NOT insult or thrash any members of the community. ANY negativity will cause the user to be banned.
7. DO NOT waste your time insulting this community or what it stands for. Any entry that is offensive will be deleted & the user will be banned.
8. Fill out request form.
9. If you break a rule you get warned.
10. You get 3 warnings. The 3rd time you are banned.

If you have a suggestion to add to our interests please notify me by posting!

Owner & Moderator: acidic_x_eyes

All icons made by

Fill this out for requests please.

[] What you want: Icon, Journal, Background, etc.

[] Image: Provide links or Image

[] Effects: Blinking, Fading etc.

[] Text: What you want it to say

[] Other: Any extras you want

[] Description: A description of what you want helps a lot usually.

[] Delivery: How you want your request sent to you.

[]The size of the icon. (Ie: 100x100 , 100x75 , etc.)

Warned Members:

weiterate has been warned 1 time.


How do I join?: Go to the 'user info' page and look at the top off the page. There you will see: "Community Information. Below is information about the "icons_and_stuff" community on LiveJournal. To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time." You click the link to join the community.

I joined but how do I post?: To post you go to your regular journal update page. Near the bottom,right before the 'Update Journal' button, it says: "You're looking at the simple page. For more options, click here." Click the 'click here' button and it brings up more info. To post in a community you click 'Journal to post in:' and it will name your journal and any other communities you are in. Click the community you want to post in.

A user is harrassing me in the community, what do I do?: Tell acidic_x_eyes about the user. I will talk to them and if they cooperate then it will be settled. If not, they will be banned.

This didn't answer my qusetions, what do I do now?: You can either post your question or email acidic_x_eyes at: lastweeksloser@yahoo.com